CentralTechs, LLC is a full service computer software and hardware company; with no job too big, or too small. We are able to build custom computers, servers, networks, websites, software applications, and more. Our constant goal is to make complex computing simple for end users. With CompTIA N+, A+, and Microsoft Certifications, we also have graduate degree computer science specialists ready to assist you. Many of our employees have education degrees, and know how to explain and educate end users at all levels, from professionals to novice users.

We know Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Applications. We also know Linux and Mac OS.

Our programming languages include HTML5/CSS3, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C/C++/C#, Visual Studio/Visual Basic, and more.

We have worked with all types of wired and wireless network systems, including Belkin, Cisco, FORE, Marconi, 3Com, Digital, Apple, and more.

In addition to specific computer hardware and software, we also have experience with Industrial based software and hardware... from SolidWorks, Cimatron, MasterCam and AutoCad, to CNC machines from Tree, HAAS, Emco (CNC Lathes, Mills, WireEDM, and Laser).

Please see our sample pages for more information, photos, and more!

We are able to assist you with really expensive solutions, or free solutions (like this site, which is running on google sites!). Check out our portfolio for more examples!!


Currently, you can contact us at bryan@centraltechs.com or casey@centraltechs.com